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Translations Temporarily On Hold

hello !! (。・・)ノ

i have a few things i’d like to mention but first of all, i’d just like to say thank you so much for 1000 followers !!!! (*´ェ`*)♡ it really means a lot to me!

however, i also have some less fortunate news. i’ve decided that i’m going to put all of my translations temporarily on hold for the next month or so.

over the next few weeks i’m going to be moving to another country that’s pretty far from where i currently am so i’ll be spending most of my time helping out with packing, finding a place to live, etc. i hope to get things sorted out and get back to translating comics some time before the end of august ! (*´∀`*)

as for the requests that i have yet to do, i haven’t forgotten about them!! however, i’m afraid won’t be doing them until i return sometime during august, sorry (ノ_<。) i won’t be closing my ask box so you can still send stuff in if you’d like! it’s just that my response will probably come later.

also, with some of the requests, i haven’t received a reply from the artist. for those requests i’ll try resending another message when i get back. if there’s still no reply after a week or so, i’ll do a text-only translation of the request instead.

Anonymous asked: Hello tosaka! ^^ Could I ask you to translate text-only this cute KageKen? id=32972373 Thank you.

烏に懐かれた猫の話 by いお

hello there (*´∇`)ノ

sure! i’ve done a translation of it under the cut.

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【HQ!!】また一歩、大人に近付く日。【影日】」by suisai

※ Translated with the artist’s permission.

Title: One more step closer to the day of becoming an adult
Translation: tosakaa
Pairing: Kageyama/Hinata
Note: Happy (really late) birthday, Hinata !! 

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【HQ!!】後輩の仲が良すぎて見ていられないんだが。【影日】」by suisai

※ Translated with the artist’s permission.

Title: The kouhais get along so well you can’t even watch
Translation: tosakaa
Pairing: Kageyama/Hinata
Note: Requested by Anonymous

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Anonymous asked: Thank you for your translations!!!! (´∀`)♡

hello there (o。・・。)ノ

and thank you so much for this message !!! (*´ェ`*)♡

Anonymous asked: hi! ^^/ it's okay if i ask a text-only translation of this id=43446197 because the author doesn't want her work posted on tumblr

5♡10 by えむけえ

hello there (*・ェ・*)ノ

no problem! i’ve done a translation of the comic under the cut.

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Anonymous asked: hello tosakaa-san! :) thank you for all your translations! I always enjoys your blog and could stay for longs reading it :D uhm... Can I ask you to translate illust_id=43578760 and illust_id=44111580 ? Thanks before :)

hello there (★´∀`)ノ゛and thank you for your kind words ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡

i’ve taken a look at the illusts you’ve requested and i’m very sorry, but i don’t think i could be able to provide full translations of them (as in if i did, it’d probably be chock full of question marks and blanks > < ). the handwriting is a little too difficult for me to read most of the time and combined with the fact that i haven’t listened to the actual radio episodes and therefore don’t know the context, i don’t feel confident enough in my skills to be able to provide an accurate translation of what you’ve requested.

however, if there are any specific pages where you’d really like to know what’s going on, please tell me and i’ll try my best to do what i can!!

Anonymous asked: Hello there! thank you for providing translations so far, it's very nice of you! And if you don't mind, can you translate id=44094416 and page 2 of id=44119923 ? thanks a bunch!

hello there 。・∀・)ノ゛

the artist of the first illust you’ve requested has asked me not to repost their art anywhere else so i’ve provided a translation under the cut instead.

also i’m sorry this took so long! i was unsure whether or not to get back to you as i’m still awaiting a response from the artist of the second illust you’ve requested but i figured i could translate the first one for you in the mean time so here it is (´。• ᵕ •。`)

Warning (!): Nsfw mention.

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kjunginger asked: Any chance you could translate this doujin on Pixiv? member_illust. php?mode=medium&illust_id=44137892 (If even just some pages since it's pretty long?) ;u;

Anonymous said:

Hello! Is it possible if you could translate more Miyusawa? Especially this one: illust_id=44137892 Just more Miyusawa! Pleaseeee! T___T And thank you so much for your other translations!

ロンリーオンリー【御沢】 by ゆた

hello there (。・・)ノ

unfortunately, the artist of the illust you requested doesn’t allow their work to be reposted and so i’ve provided a translation under the cut instead.

also, sorry this took a while! there were quite a few pages and it was pretty long (´•  •`;) also i’m sorry that some of the translations seems kind of all over the place?? there were quite a few parts i wasn’t too sure about so i’m really sorry about that!!

Warning (!):  Dub-con/non-con and mildly nsfw (but nothing explicit).

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mayhongha asked: Hi there, can you translate illust_id=44138152 please? I know it hasn't been long since the last request but well I think this is kind of cute...

KGHN manga by おみそ

hello there (o。・・。)ノ

also, don’t worry about it! feel free to send in requests whenever you feel like it ^▽^and about the first request you sent in, i still haven’t received a reply from the artist yet so i won’t be translating it just yet.

about your current request, the artist has asked on her profile that people stop reposting her work so i’ve provided a translation under the cut instead.

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