1 month ago
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requests are closed!

hello! *゚o゚)ノ

since there are currently about 13 requests left to do since i last opened up requests, i’ll be closing requests again for the meantime until i finish the rest of them.

same deal as last time, my askbox will still be open to any asks as long as they’re not requests!

Anonymous sent: member_illust. php?mode=medium&illust_id=45447293 Could we have a translation of this one? You're translations are great! Thanks so much for your hard work! ^u^

夏コミ倉沢ペーパー by なこ

hello there! (o´ ェ `o)ノ

i sent a message to the artist asking about translating her work and she has replied that she doesn’t feel comfortable about her work being posted elsewhere so i’ve done a translation under the cut instead.

Warning (!): Alcohol use.

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【にと凛】アイの結晶」by 草代さくら

※ Translated with the artist’s permission. No reproduction or republication without written permission.

Title: Ai’s crystal
Translation: tosakaa
Pairing: Rin/Nitori
Note: Requested by Anonymous. This was originally a story written by しろはね which was then illustrated by 草代さくら.

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【HQ!/影日】好きです、笑ってください。」by コメ

※ Translated with the artist’s permission.

Title: I love you, please smile.
Translation: tosakaa
Pairing: Kageyama/Hinata
Note: Continuation of “I love you, please push me away." I promised the continuation so here it is! The previous one ended on kind of a sad note so hopefully this one makes things better (*´∀`*) There are also quite a few translation notes about jokes, etc this time so you’ll probably want to check the notes at the end of the comic as well.

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1 month ago (9★)
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hello there! (。・ω・)ノ゙

i’m back and things have been getting better (hopefully it’ll stay that way). thank you very much for all the kind messages. they really mean a lot to me.

i’ll be trying to get the continuation to “I love you, please push me away.” up some time in the next few hours. afterwards i’ll be getting back to requests again. that’s all for now!

1 month ago (10★)
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hello there ・・)ノ

apologies but i’ve received some not so good news and i’m not feeling too good tbh. i won’t go into details but i’ll see if i can get back to translating again in either a week or two.

if you’ve sent in a request, i’m sorry but they’ll have to wait. sorry for the delay.

frightingale sent: Hello again! Thank you so much for your translations!! May i ask for a text only translation of this id=44044762 since the artist does not allow reprint? Thanks again!!

もりすけ先生と京治くん by 犬丸

hello there! (*´ ˘ `*)ノ

no problem! i’ve done a translation of it under the cut.

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1 month ago (1★)
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Anonymous sent: So what other fandoms can we request?

hello there! *・ω・)ノ

you can send in p much anything (*´∀`*)

as long as i’ve seen it i’ll probably do it. if i haven’t, just send it in anyways and i’ll see what i can do about it! (that said though i’ll probably end up messing up a lot of names if i haven’t seen it lmao)

1 month ago (2★)
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and soo with that my askbox will be open to requests again! ヽ( ・◇・)ノ 

if you’d like to send in a request please include

  • pixiv id of the work (or the link if it’s not from pixiv)
  • page numbers you’d like me to translate (especially if it’s a collection of drawings! if doesn’t have multiple pages or p much all the pages could be translated then you can leave this out)

and yeah that’s it! feel free to start sending in requests again ≡(「・∀・)「

Anonymous sent: Hello, do you translate doujinshi from fandoms other than haikyuu? If so can you please translate text-only this AraTou doujinshi id=42424820 and page 18 to 23 of id=42902995 ? Thank you so much! ^^

【弱ペダ】愛は以下略【荒東】 by かにこ

hello there! (=゚ω゚)ノ

and yup, i do! as long as it’s something that i’ve seen i’ll most likely do it. if i haven’t seen it, i’ll probably end up checking it out anyways (`・ω・´)

as for your first request, i’ve done a text translation of it under the cut. for your second request, it has already been done here.

Warning (!): Slightly nsfw (implied).

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